Swarn Public School has a well- furnished and well stocked library with a large number of latest books, magazines including encyclopedias with rich reference material. A library is considered to be a treasure house of knowledge for students through various Magazines, Periodicals, Newspaper and Books to keep students in touch with latest developments in the world. Emphasis is laid on the fact that student utilize their spare time in the library.

Books are our best friends; one can never feel alone in the company of books. After entering in the library, with the company of books & silence, one can feel relief and relax. It is the source as well as store house of knowledge. One can find the book which not only educate them & enlighten their path for their future but also entertain them. Books remove all the darkness from our mind& also enlighten our soul. Though. today’s world is dependent on television & Internet to gain information but they can never take the place of books.